58-60 St Aldates, Oxford is cool and funky!

It is not often you see these words used for offices but our project for the refurbishment of vacant units at 58-60 St Aldates, Oxford for Vantage GP Limited was recently shortlisted for the OxProp 2018 awards in Most Innovative and Enterprising Working Environment (Cool and Funky Space) category.

The criteria was space which helps to not only provide the end user with new office space but is also designed to help generate genuine change for the companies which occupy the building and is a catalyst for new ways of working generating innovation and successful growth of new business.

The project is in 4 phases, to refurbish vacant units including installing exposed services, provide VRF heating and cooling to other occupied units and finally a refurbishment of tired reception to provide more open entrance, new glazed doors, new canopies, shower facility, external redecoration and uplifted stairs and lift lobbies.

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