Baker Street Two Way gets approval


Following Cabinet approval from Westminster City Council the Baker Street Two-Way scheme will start on-site in July 2017, with works expected to take 18 months. The scheme will greatly improve the area with the expected increase in visitors and workers following the completion of the Elizabeth Line in 2018 and the anticipated upgrade to Marylebone station, reducing the dominance of traffic and improving air quality in the area.

People will find it easier to pass through the area with 50 new and upgraded pedestrian crossings, with wider pavements, reduced street clutter and improved street lighting, with potential for more greening. The scheme will introduce two-way traffic on Baker Street and Gloucester Place to help shorten journey times for general traffic and buses and make a more coherent bus network for passengers. The scheme also improves cycle facilities in the area making it safer, with more places to park bikes and will connect with the Central London Grid and Cycle Superhighways.

The team at Norman Rourke Pryme have been heavily involved in the delivery of the scheme supporting Westminster City Council with services including project management, traffic data collection, traffic engineering and road safety design, traffic modelling (TRANSYT, LinSig, VISSIM), scheme impact assessment and technical submissions to Transport for London Outcomes Delivery (Model Auditing Process and Traffic Signal Supplementary Report), cycle, bus and pedestrian infrastructure design, public consultation and business case development support.

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