Nansledan, Newquay

Delighted to see one of our projects, Nansledan in Cornwall being praised in the Times on Saturday. We started in 2016 and act as Employers Agent, clerk of works and CDM advisor for LiveWest due to our in depth technical expertise and experience.

It’s a 540-acre extension to Newquay on the North Coast of Cornwall being led by the Duchy of Cornwall and will take approximately 40 years to build and will eventually comprise more than 4,000 homes, of which around 30% will be available as affordable homes, and include workspace to support a similar number of jobs. Nansledan is being built in eight key phases or ‘quarters’. Each quarter will have its own character while clearly being part of the whole. Every plot has a different design, which means the development gives the impression of having developed naturally and over time.

The Duchy’s aim is to reduce the need for car journeys (and thus CO2 emissions) by providing a variety of shops, leisure facilities, a school, church, community orchard etc. which can easily be reached by foot. This should also enhance the sense of community between the residents.

Cornish slate and granite have been used in this development, as well as local labour in order to support the local economy. Streets have been given Cornish names such as “Stret Kosti Veur Woles”.

The development is being built by 3 contractors C G Fry & Son, Morrish Builders, Wainhomes, and we are currently working over 2 quarters on 118 units

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