An iconic location in need of a refresh to modern standards

Marble Arch junction, located in the heart of the City of Westminster, London, is a large traffic gyratory, carrying over 50,000 vehicles per day. The central island of the junction houses the Marble Arch monument and gardens, which are popular destinations for thousands of visitors every day, and the busy Marble Arch underground station. In 2008, formal traffic signal controlled pedestrian crossing facilities were introduced around the gyratory to provide a surface crossing alternative to the old and uninviting subway system. Cyclist crossing facilities were also introduced to assist the ever growing number of cyclists to move through the busy and sometimes highly congested junction in a safe manner. These have proved very successful, yet controlled pedestrian crossing facilities were not provided on the Great Cumberland Place arm of the junction, and so it remained uncontrolled, and cyclists regularly cross the busy circulating section without any formal protection.

The crossing over Great Cumberland Place is hazardous, and a number of studies over recent years demonstrated that a solution was required to facilitate a safe crossing for the thousands of pedestrians that use the crossing every hour throughout the day and evening. Transport for London, City of Westminster, the Portman Estate and Almacantar (Marble Arch Place redevelopment) worked together to develop options for the introduction of new pedestrian infrastructure.

NRP was commissioned by City of Westminster, to develop a preferred pedestrian crossing solution and deliver a scheme that could achieve the necessary Transport for London design, safety audit and traffic modelling approvals, as well as Westminster Cabinet Member approval. The services provided included traffic modelling (LinSig) to the exacting standards of the TfL Model Auditing Process, feasibility scheme design, stakeholder consultation, draft Traffic Signal Supplementary Report and Stage 1 safety audit review and response. The approved scheme was commissioned in November 2016.

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LOCATION: Marble Arch, City of Westminster

CLIENT: Westminster City Council and Transport for London

DESCRIPTION: Pedestrian amenity and safety improvement

SERVICES: Traffic engineering design and traffic modelling


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