Traffic & Transportation

Industry recognised engineering providing clear direction for transportation planning and design.

Traffic & Transportation

The transport sector is ever evolving, with increasing demands on our roads and streets for the efficient, safe and sustainable movement of people and goods, with minimal impact on our environment. Emerging, connected technologies and focused transport strategies provide ever greater choice when deciding how to plan essential trips. Improved navigation systems and traffic prediction is changing the way all forms of traffic moves between and through our villages, towns and cities. Priority for public transport, walking and cycling over the private car is changing the way we design our streets and neighbourhoods, yet the sustainable movement of freight is essential for a growing economy. Emphasis on reducing collisions and improving safety is higher than it has ever been, with a zero-tolerance approach to fatal and serious injuries.
Our highly skilled and experienced engineers are proud to work on a wide range of projects in some of the most intricate and complex regions of the country. We design, model, audit and monitor transport schemes in some of the most confined and busy streets in the UK, applying strategies such as Liveable and Low Traffic Neighbourhoods and Healthy Streets. NRP traffic engineers harness sophisticated techniques to develop and appraise schemes and strategies to keep everyone moving safely and efficiently, recognising that solutions need to be adaptable to local constraints, aspirations and opportunities.

The team has developed schemes ranging from single junction sites, through complex local network street layouts and traffic management strategies to wider, multi-million pound projects for entire districts. We work with local and regional planning and highway authorities, Business Improvement Districts, private sector developers, national institutions and public bodies from initial visioning, concept and feasibility design, through planning to construction supervision and post-implementation monitoring.

Latest Traffic & Transportation projects



  • Scheme identification, concept and feasibility design
  • Link, junction, major interchange and wider traffic network design and performance appraisal
  • Public transport, walking and cycling infrastructure, network and route design and performance appraisal
  • Specialist pedestrian priority scheme design and appraisal
  • Mobility Hub design and appraisal
  • Freight movement strategies and appraisal
  • Traffic Regulation/Management Orders (TROs/TMOs), signs, design of loading, servicing and parking strategies
  • Temporary traffic management design and appraisal
  • Road safety analysis, forecasting and monitoring, development of road safety and speed management schemes
  • Vehicle Swept Path Analysis
  • Scheme costing


  • Pedestrian Environment Review System (PERS), Pedestrian Comfort Level (PCL) analysis, Cycling Level of Service (CLOS) analysis, Healthy Streets appraisal
  • Local, network and regional traffic operation strategy design and appraisal
  • Traffic survey specification, commissioning, data analysis and reporting (including walking and cycling analysis)
  • Traffic behaviour and vehicle trip analysis and forecasting
  • Accessibility Assessment
  • Deterministic traffic modelling (spreadsheet analysis, MS Excel macro development, TRL Junctions & TRANSYT, JCT LinSig)
  • Microsimulation traffic modelling (VISSIM, Viswalk, PARAMICS, AIMSUN)
  • Tactical strategic traffic modelling (SATURN, VISUM)
  • Post scheme implementation monitoring and benefits realisation studies


  • Masterplanning support, movement and performance appraisal
  • Scheme identification, concept and feasibility design and appraisal studies (including Low Traffic & Liveable Neighbourhoods, Healthy Streets projects)
  • Development site promotion, planning application and post-planning, Transport Assessments, Transport Statements & Travel Plans
  • Sustainable transport and De-carbonisation initiatives and strategies, Equality Impact Assessments, transport input to Environmental Statements
  • Development control & S106, S278 Agreements
  • Traffic reduction strategies (including freight reduction and parking strategies)
  • Business case development
  • Transport interchange and car park layout design, modelling and appraisal
  • Public & stakeholder engagement and consultation
  • Public Inquiry expert witness
  • Lectures & training seminars


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