Camden’s West-End Project

Delivering the largest public realm project for Camden to improve the safety, environment and traffic flow through the West-End.

The Project

The West End Project is the largest public realm project the London Borough of Camden has undertaken. The project will transform the busy West End which currently suffers from traffic congestion, narrow pavements and poor air quality . Major changes include Tottenham Court Road and Gower Street becoming two way to traffic, reducing congestion and air pollution and speeding up bus routes. Other key improvements include upgraded signalised intersections, protected cycle lanes, widened footpaths and improved public spaces.

The project is split into three key areas:

  • Tottenham Court Road is to be constructed as two way for buses first to relieve congestion in the surrounding network and so passengers can arrive and leave from TCR
  • Gower Street will become two-way for all other vehicles and new stepped cycle tracks will be provided
  • Princes Circus – Shaftesbury Avenue will become two-way for all vehicles and large public spaces will be provided

Key Challenges

The key challenge for the West-End Project has been the level of congestion. Being such a high traffic area, everything must be planned intricately so as to avoid impact on the city. A significant number of stakeholders and external parties are affected by the works, which to a large extent is unavoidable. Coordinating with and keeping them informed throughout has been imperative.

A significant number of design changes occurred due to the large number of unforeseen services and obstructions found during construction of footway, drainage works and installation of foundations for lighting columns/signs.

Coordinating utility service diversions and managing the works programme was also a major challenge. In order to meet switchover milestone for Tottenham Court Road, the TfL signalling programme and the contract works programme had to be closely managed and coordinated.

Our Involvement

NRP has provided support to LBC from tender stage. NRP managed the entire tender process, developing the bill of quantities and tender documents.  The team developed the main works contract documents (specification, contract, ITT) and the overall project budget to manage the project costs. 

NRP also assisted with progressing and managing the detailed design of the project. Post contract award, NRP were appointed the role of NEC3 Project Manager and Supervisor. The PM team manages day to day site issues, coordinate construction progress meetings, review construction programmes, monthly valuations and compensation events.

NRP Associate Jason Suffiad:

“The West End Project is a challenging and complex project affecting multiple stakeholders, funding partners and road users.  We are working to a tight timeframe to minimise impacts and accommodate the needs of local businesses, universities, hospitals, events in Central London as well as other construction and infrastructure projects in the area.  The first key milestone of completing the two-way traffic switch on Tottenham Court Road has been achieved and we are well on track with completing the remainder of the project, on time and on budget.”

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LOCATION: Camden, London

CLIENT: London Borough of Camden


SERVICES: Project Management, Site Supervision, Quantity Surveying, Programme Management, Cost Control.


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