Regenerating Feltham High Street

Commercial support for the Feltham regeneration scheme.

The Project

The Feltham High Street Retaining Walls & Highways Works project forms part of a wider regeneration scheme of Feltham Town Centre (FTC). The regeneration scheme coincides with Network Rail introducing new 10-cart trains which require an extension of platforms at Feltham Train Station. This extension is being constructed across an existing level crossing at Bedfont Lane, and in doing so removing a crossing with a poor safety record.

To accommodate the closure of Bedfont Lane, and associated increase in traffic via New Road along Hounslow Road, the design in which this contract facilitates has been completed. It includes a series of retaining walls to widen Hounslow Road, alter junctions of New Road/Hounslow road and Hanworth Road/High Street and provide new pedestrian accesses into Feltham Station. As well as this, new footbridges and strengthening works will take place to widen the existing Longford River Bridge. Finally, the contract covers bored piles that will form foundations for a future footbridge that will be constructed at a later date. This is parallel to the existing Hounslow Road Bridge that crosses the railway.

Key Challenges

  • Working nearby critical railway infrastructure and live railway traffic imposed significant constraints on construction methods.
  • Confined and deteriorating unchartered B32utilities required diversion or relocation and imposed significant constraints to the work.
  • Working to a strict key date for opening of Hounslow Road.

Our Involvement and value

  • NRP involvement from the early stages of the procurement ensured a successful Tender.
  • NRP prepared a robust Bill of Quantities and confirmed its effectiveness through monthly valuations.
  • NRP successfully implemented project controls and developed the monthly valuation process and templates
  • NRP hosted and administered the online management system.
  • NRP provided NEC Contract specialist services
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LOCATION: London, Feltham

CLIENT: Hounslow Highways


SERVICES: Pre-Contract and Post-Contract Commercial Support


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