Upgrading Croydon’s 19th Century Blackhorse Lane

Delivering much needed upgrades to two historic bridges over a live rail line. 

The Project

Joint Infrastructure project with Transport for London (Trams) and London Borough of Croydon to upgade two existing adjacent bridges.

The South bridge supports a local road and spans over an existing tram line between Blackhorse Lane tram stop and Addiscombe tram stop.

The North bridge similarly supports a local road and a footpath (former railway track of former Addiscombe to Elmer’s End Railway).

Key Challenges

Upgrading two existing bridges built in the late 19th Century with severely aged construction materials as well as working over a live London tram line with limited restricted access and closures. The construction methodology and the allowable heavy machinery is also restricted by the weight bearing limitations due to the structural condition of the bridge.

The two major stakeholders, London Trams and London Borough of Croydon require strict adherence to contractual, construction and safety regulations. This includes limited period closures of roads, pedestrian footpaths and existing live tram line.

Due to the close proximity of the works to residences and local businesses, there are also key challenges with maintaining access for businesses to remain open, minimising noise pollution and ensuring safety of the local community.

Our Involvement and value

NRP have supported in the project and risk management, costing and contractual administration on behalf of London Borough of Croydon with the joint operations with London Trams.

The Design and Build contract with the Tier 1 contractor Morgan Sindall, also created some key challenges with risk-based cost negotiations. Due to the dilapidated condition, age and uncertainty of the utility service locations under the road of the bridge, this posed significant risk on the project and costing of risk liability on both parties. NRP was key in negotiating the risk management of the utilities and foreseeing the cost benefit of risk acceptance which led to a significant reduction in cost of the project.

NRP also face challenges involving maintaining a strong and ongoing rapport with the local community despite the works having a major impact on the surroundings; including significant road closures, limited pedestrian access and noise/vibration pollution control.

Project Manager Martin Lee:

“NRP’s involvement in the complex project working within close proximity of several stakeholders has provided rewarding and compelling challenges.

We have, and continue to enjoy working collaboratively and efficiently with London Trams and London Borough of Croydon, which has so far delivered exceptional results in minimising the costs and risks; as well as reducing disruptions and managing the local community during the arduous yet imperative bridge upgrades.”

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LOCATION: London, Croydon

CLIENT: London Borough of Croydon


SERVICES: Quantity Surveying, Project Management, Programme Management, Cost Control


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