Ten Watchmoor park

The project comprised the refurbishment of the existing two storey office building on the Watchmoor Park business park.

The building is a simple and efficient modern design which accommodates office space, toilet cores, reception area and new main staircase and lift installation.

The works were completed to a Cat A standard and included a new central atrium created in the first-floor slab under the existing roof slab skylight with full height glazed partitioning around and new ETFE roof light.  There was further removal of existing first floor slab sections over the front entrance and the staircase atrium. Each floor plan was raised with a new access floor which also extends into each staircase area. The external envelope work comprised doorways and existing external openings heights being adjusted with a new glazed double volume curtain wall entrance, with revolving main doorway and the three escape staircase receiving new paneled facades with new external doors and frames.

The new reception area included a new feature staircase and new lift installation, with reception counter and feature walling.  The new main entrance also included an external feature “spine wall” portico covered with flat panel cladding.

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LOCATION: Camberley

CLIENT: Watchmoor Sarl & Patrizia Capital Partners


SERVICES: Project management, Contract administration, Cost consultancy


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