River Wye Clean up

NRP join Buckinghamshire Council to help out the Chiltern Rangers

NRP’s Isaac Webb donned some waders and joined our client Buckinghamshire Council in delivering on our shared commitment to social value.

Isaac along with officers from the Council’s Transport Infrastructure and Funding teams, gathered to support the Chiltern Rangers in their ambitious Chilterns Chalk Streams Project (CCSP). Chalk streams are a globally rare habitat, confined mainly to England and North West Europe. They are home to a wide range of wildlife, including some of the UK’s most threatened species. The Chiltern Rangers have identified lots of sympathetic interventions to protect and enhance the streams and our team was the first of many volunteering groups to assist in this part of the project.

On the day, the team started with a hearty breakfast baguette and then went on to begin placement of artificially placed (but naturally made!) berms to re-introduce the meander to what was an otherwise canalised part of the River Wye. The work involved bank clearance, litter picking, post driving, branch weaving and berm placing in what was the first day of a multi-week project for the Chiltern Rangers in bringing new life and habitat to this urban river.

Much fun was had (although hand sawing the posts to size was quite the close out task!) and much progress was made. I’d encourage those in the Chilterns or those that enjoy it to check out the Chiltern Rangers website where they have a host of volunteering opportunities on their linked Eventbrite page to get involved in and let you be part of enhancing our community great outdoors. Isaac Webb

By contributing to social value initiatives such as this, we can make a positive impact on the communities we serve, promoting social cohesion and improving the well-being of local people. We recognise that reflecting the needs of the communities we serve is not only important for our clients but also for the individuals who use and interact with the spaces we create.

To find out more about the River Wye you can find out more here on the Chiltern Rangers website.

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