STEAM Day 2022

On Thursday, 10 February a group of NRP’s Engineers joined pupils from Acland Burghley School to celebrate STEAM day 2022.

STEAM (also known as STEM) focuses education around five key areas; Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths to help inspire the innovators of tomorrow and give insight into the roles and opportunities that are available to our younger community within these areas once they leave school.

Alasdair Lothian, Angeliki Konstanti, Karen Jagdeo, Margarita Tsavdaroglou, and Sotiria Papaisidorou met pupils virtually from Acland Burghley School within the London Borough of Camden to speak with them about their studies, career paths, types of engineering roles, challenges they have faced and projects they have been involved with.

During one of the discussions, Karen spoke to her group about her experience working on a mega construction site, undertaking engineering design as well as her role at a materials laboratory to understand the chemistry of construction materials, to where she is now at NRP as a Project Manager which relates to a wider branch of the industry such as; finance management, contract management (touching on the legal part of things), programme management, stakeholder engagement, sustainability, social value, and people management.

The discussions held with the pupils highlighted the wide scope of experience and opportunities individuals gain from an engineering career and that it is much more than just bricks and mortar but is a career that involves collaborating with various people and disciplines, which can open up unlimited opportunities if they desire.

The team recall benefitting from similar initiatives when they were younger so were delighted to have the opportunity to reciprocate the experience to the next generation and feedback from the students has been excellent.

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